Terms & Policies



To make your reservation, please contact Sonja direct on 07736 784446. Please pay for your massage treatment within 24hrs of your booking here.


Massages cancelled within 24hrs of the booking are non-refundable. Whilst it would bring me great pleasure to be able to offer a full refund, my family and I depend on this income and we are not currently in a position to absorb a last minute loss of income. Thank you for understanding.


All digital products and Yoni Eggs are non refundable.

JADE & ROSE EGG disclaimer:

Whilst I have done my best to work with clinical physicians to ensure the utmost safety of these practices, there have been no clinical studies on Jade Egg Practices and so the opinions expressed here are drawn primarily from my personal experience.  Health practitioners have cautioned against a Jade/Rose Egg Practice if you are pregnant, mensturating, or suffer from a prolapsed uterus or vaginismus.  I do not recommend the use of a Jade / Rose Egg for long periods of time, for use when walking or sleeping. Please use unwaxed dental floss to strong your egg, as directed, to ensue safe removal of the egg. The eggs are porous and therefor a high standard of hygiene is critical, please follow the egg care instructions. Please consult a doctor if you have any concerns before practicing with your Egg and only do what feels good in your body.  There should be no discomfort at any time.