Wellbeing Made Simple.

Wellbeing Rituals - Yoga, Meditation, Breath, Qoya.

I'm passionate about sharing simple wellbeing tools so that we can all remember our innate ability to feel good.

By combining modern science with ancient practices, and after  studying 10,000+hours of wellbeing training, I feel confident that together we can find the tools that work for you.

Find what works for you.  Do that. 

More offerings from Sonja include:

  • Wellbeing Made Simple - an educational wellbeing program for schools, academies and colleges in the UK.
  • The Holistic Garden Party, 16 & 17 June, Mougins, France. The  Holistic Garden Party is the  ultimate 2 day wellbeing event for global light workers who delight in mental, physical and emotional inspiration of the finest quality.  
  • QOYA - through movement we remember our essence is wise, wild and free.  By drawing on the wisdom of yoga, the wildness of dance and the freedom of sensual movement, Qoya brings us back to our truth.

Upcoming Workshops