little daily practices to magnify pleasure & wellbeing

Wellbeing Ritual® 

Jade Egg Wellbeing Ritual®  •  Rose Egg Wellbeing Ritual® • The Moon Meditation


Upcoming Workshops



WELLBEING ritual® 
private sessions over 8 weeks

A 2 month immersion into the Wellbeing Ritual® tools of Breath Work, Meditation, Movement and Writing, each week with a specific focus, for men and women.

Available in persoon or online.



Thursday 23rd August & Thursday 20th September

Hosted at Canford Cliffs Village Hall & open to women only.


Wellbeing Ritual® Toolkits

The Wellbeing Toolkits are a simple way to learn basic daily practices that support your ability to feel good.

Drawing on over 10 years experience working with women and teenagers suffering with common pain points - anxiety, trauma, insomnia, eating disorders - the Wellbeing Toolkits offer you a gentle and effective approach to returning to wellbeing.

Each kit contains simple meditation audios, breath practices, movement sequences, daily writing practices plus effective wellbeing support tools from essential oils. 

Tailored to specific pain points, Wellbeing Kits are available in:

  • Radiance - for women who was to shine bright,
  • Nourishing - for people ready to develop healthy daily habits,
  • Survivor - for people coping with life's challenges,
  • Jade Egg - for women interested in reconnecting to their pelvis,
  • Rest-Full - for people who need to sleep.

The Wellbeing Toolkits are delivered to you by email and contains downloadable videos, audios and PDF material to support your journey.  AVAILABLE FROM SEPTEMBER.



Wellbeing Ritual® 

An 8 week private course in breath work, meditation and movement sequences that support  the  healing of  anxiety, insomnia and  trauma.  Simple daily practices soothe the nervous system to allow your day to begin, rooted in self care and positivity.  

Find what works for you.  Do that..


Moon Meditation 

Through stillness and strengthening your connection to breath you can step aside from the chatter of the everyday mind and connect with the deeper truth and essence within.  

The Autumn Moon  Meditation practice harnesses the tides of the moon and the healing of meditation to ensure your deepest connection to the wisdom of your pelvis and your divine feminine essence.  This practice can be enhance with the option to use a Jade Egg during the meditation..

AUTUMN MOON MEDITATION: Every New & Full Moon connect to your pelvis with or without a Jade Egg practice in the safety of your home.  30 mins Live online.



Qoya is an embodied movement practice designed for women. In Qoya we draw on the wisdom of yoga, the wild expression of creative dance and the freedom to enjoy being fully present  within our body.  

Through Qoya we remember our essence is wise, wild and free.



The  alchemy of combining  deeply restorative angelic massage with the potent plant medicine of Neals Yard Remedy Organic essential oils will guide you back to your true essence which is clear, calm and  powerful.  

Expect other-worldly deep relaxation, healing and nourishment