The Moon Meditation



The Moon Meditation is a fortnightly LIVE online meditation session created to support our connection to the cycles of the moon, the wisdom of the body and the magic within our pelvis.


every NEW & FULL MOON  • 30 minutes •6am bst

THE MOON • the magdalene meditation • THE jade egg



Your subscription includes access to the Moon Meditation members website with a beautifully designed Wellbeing Ritual® to focus your days on the expression of your Divine Feminine essence.  The Moon Meditation Wellbeing Ritual® includes:

  • The Moon Salutation yoga sequence

  • Alternate Nostril breath work practice to balance the masculine and feminine within

  • A potent Divine Feminine Mantra Meditation

  • Journaling prompt for the clear expression of your Divine Feminine voice.

A Wellbeing Ritual® is a daily practice to set the vibrational tone of your day.  Start by deciding how long you can dedicate each day - 5 mins you may just choose a breath work practice, 15 mins perhaps breath and meditation, 20 minutes the world is your oyster!  Little and often are key.

A daily Wellbeing Ritual® supports the fortnightly Moon Meditation to optimise your connection to your Divine Feminine essence.



The Moon Meditation is a Tantric practice with roots in the Taoist tradition.  This compliments a Jade Egg Practice and you may feel called to add the Jade Egg to your Moon Meditation.  Please note that a Jade Egg practice is not recommended during menstruation, pregnancy or if you have a prolapsed uterus.


The 3 Divine Feminine Aspects of the moon meditation.

The Moon Meditation combines 3 Divine Feminine potent ingredients to create a safe space for deep transformational feminine self care on a bi-weekly basis.

The Moon: Attuning to the rhythm of the waxing and waning of the moon, how that feels inside our own bodies and how the world around us reflects these currents allows us to connect to the pulse of life force that guides us all.  Mother Nature.  She provides a road map for us to better understand our triggers, our reactions and our inter-=connected essence with all sentient beings.

The Jade Egg: An ancient Taoist practice of divine feminine revelation, that fine tunes our mental awareness to the innate somatic wisdom of the pelvis.  A Jade Egg practice allows for physical muscular wellbeing within the pelvis, reawakens the infinite power of sensual pleasure and creates a dialogue between pelvis and awareness that will guide you home to the safety of yourself.

The Magdalene Meditation:  This ancient tantric meditation dances with the currents of subtle energy that move between the pelvis and the crown.  Though threading awareness, breath and imagination, we tap into an ancient, loving healing system traced back to the Tantric Priestesses of Tibet, the Eygyptian Priestesses of Isis and Mary Magdalene herself.  

By recognising only love and light as truth, we embrace our bodies as the bridge between the mundane and the divine, harnessing the true, ever expanding beauty of this life existence.

Working with meditation, the moon & your Jade Egg is a natural collaboration.  Each ingredient connects us to our divine feminine essence - wise, wild and free.

 We gather in essence every Full & New Moon at 6am GMT for 30 minutes to breathe mindfully and to reconnect with the magnetic ever expanding energy of our bodies.


We show up for ourselves, 

we show up for our mothers, 

we show up for their mothers,

we show up for our daughters,

we show up for our daughters daughters.



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