In just 7 weeks you can learn life-changing tools to help you sleep, enabling you to manage anxiety, insomnia and overwhelm.

Join a community who have committed to taking charge of their own wellbeing through small daily steps that soothe the nervous system.  You choose, right now, if it is time for you to take your wellbeing into your own hands and make the small changes your body needs to remember how to rest, digest and thrive.

Imagine how it feels to be free.  Free from anxiety.  Free from exhaustion.  Free from overwhelm.

We can't take lifes challenges away from you, but we can share with you the simple tools that work with your body to help you feel calm, clear and strong.


Wellbeing Ritual®  includes :

  • Full 7 Module Wellbeing Ritual® Curriculum.
  • 7 live 45 minute ZOOM sessions with Sonja to learn the wellbeing tools face to face.
  • Private Forum for the unique global community of students learning the same tools at the same time.
  • Weekly LIVE group sessions every Wednesday within the Private Forum.
  • Weekly email support to summarise the content of each of Wellbeing Ritual® module.
  • Over 15 pre-recorded video and audio sessions of breath work, movement and meditation to support your own practice at home.


  • 7 weeks of FREE weekly meditations online.
  • Downloadable lifetime access to the Wellbeing Ritual® videos, audios and Workbook.

You  will have everything you need to get to grips with a simple, sustainable daily wellbeing practice tailored to you.


A Wellbeing Ritual® is a deeply personal daily wellbeing practice that fits within your schedule and allows you to start each day from a place of strength and clarity.

5 minutes to 20 minutes, you will discover the tools that work for you.


  • The focus is on 'Little and Often' rather than a hard to maintain (and unrealistic) lengthy practice.
  • Guided by the PULL of what feels good rather than the push of what you SHOULD be doing.
  • Naturally recalibrates your central nervous system to remember how to come into a  state of rest & digest.
  • Aligns your day with energy of self care and self worth which may filter down into every part of your life.
  • Relies on yourself and your personal daily habits to create deep change rather than leaning on an external source.

Will the next 7 weeks be the turning point when you decide to take wellbeing into your own hands?  It's up to you.


To get fit we do exercise.  To feel well we do Wellbeing Rituals.  It's not about loosing weight, running faster or getting a competitive edge on the pitch - although those things happen naturally as a result.  Wellbeing Rituals are about feeling well - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Here is what that means:

  • We do breath work.  We remember how to breathe, which usually sounds like an obvious p[lace to start until we do it, and then we realise we've not been really breathing for a very long time.
  • We do guided meditations.  Almost all of us have simply forgotten how to move out of 'Fight & Flight' mode into "Rest and Digest".   When we guide the body home to a restful state the reality of just how tired we are can hit us like a wrecking ball.  Deep deep deep rest ensues.
  • We do movement.  Sometimes it's yoga, sometimes it's Qoya, sometimes it comes from Chinese Medicine.  This is movement to bring us home to our bodies, movement as medicine.  
  • We do journaling.  Because stream of consciousness LOVES to be given a daily platform to be heard, and stream of consciousness is worth hearing.

Wellbeing Rituals is about remembering how to soothe the nervous system so that we can begin each day from neutral.  

The  transformational power of a Wellbeing Ritual® lies in its ease.  

  1. Explore the tools.
  2. Choose the ones that work for you. 
  3. Practice them every day.

 It is that simple.


The 7 Modules.



The Foundation.  Week one we will prepare the ground for the rest of the course by remembering how to breathe and how to set up our external environment to support our internal environment.  You will learn the basics of what is happening physically within your body - primarily the diaphragm and the nervous system - and how they can change the way you feel.

Weeks 2-6.  Each week we will cover 1 short movement sequence, 1 breathing exercise, 1 short meditation technique and 1 journaling prompt.  From these you will choose 2 to practice every day for the week ahead.  The following 5  modules are divided into remembering how to rest and sleep, soothing anxiety, balancing overwhelm, increasing positivity, inspiring self esteem and creativity.

The Summary.  Week seven we will recap on each tool we have practiced, seeking out the ones that worked for you with minimum effort required.

The weekly Wellbeing Ritual® Modules are:

  1. The Foundation - How to Breathe and Get Started.
  2. Remembering How to Rest and Sleep.
  3. Soothing Anxiety.
  4. Balancing Overwhelm.
  5. Increased Positivity.
  6. Inspiring Self Esteem and Creativity.
  7. The Summary.  What works for you?



  1. Face to Face Guidance.  Each Monday evening  will begin with a 45 minute group session over Zoom with Sonja, where you will get the chance to practice the Wellbeing Tools for that week so that you are prepared for practicing them independently over the week ahead.  Sessions will be held between 7-8pm GMT each Monday.
  2. Video & Audio Support.  Each weeks module will be sent to you via email with attached video footage, audio guidance and written support for each Module.  This will be the perfect back up support for your home practices.
  3. Personal Practice. After your introduction to the Wellbeing tools for that week, you will select and consistently practice the 2 tools that most appeal.  This is the process of discovering what works for you.  By  doing little and often with a daily practice you start to build your Wellbeing muscle and self awareness.
  4. Community Support.  The Private Facebook page is there for you to share your experience with the other students who will be practicing the same tools.  
  5. Wednesday Facebook LIVE. We shall gather each Friday afternoon in our private Facebook forum to reflect on the tools of that week, to share our experiences and ask for any tips needed.  Don't worry, we'll record each session if you can't make it and send it out to you.

By practicing your Wellbeing Ritual®, little and often, you will know the most direct way to soothe YOUR nervous system and to remember how it feels to be calm, clear and strong.


The Wellbeing Ritual® 7 week course is perfect for anyone who is tired of feeling anxious, exhausted and overwhelmed.  Individuals , friends or family teams can partake in the course together for 1 fee.*

Disclaimer: The Wellbeing Tools come primarily from Yoga and are not a replacement for medication, therapy or counselling.  Wellbeing Rituals® support your wellbeing through everyday emotions and can act as a complimentary tool to other forms of healing.  Please check with your doctor if you have any concerns about mental, emotional or physical wellbeing.

The course begins Monday March 12th 2018.  

Suitable for age 9 upwards, individually or in groups.  


The content on this course for a Private client comes in at £777.  By creating the program community with Zoom I am able to bring that price down to the incredible price of £111. I have worked within hospitals, schools, businesses and with private clients for over a decade so I KNOW these tools work.   I specialise with young people suffering with anxiety and the many ways that can manifest.  Soothing the nervous system can be such a support to a mind or body that's struggling.    I want the tools out in the world, so my motivation is for you to be able to afford this course AND to share it with a friend, so that you practice the tools together.  

Cost per individual, group or family (up to 2 email addresses): £111.

"I have been practicing Wellbeing Rituals for 18 months, to be honest it gets me out of bed.  Who wouldn't want to start the day with a beautiful self care practice made especially for you?  Sonja has been a patient mentor and guiding light during a time of serious illness and personal setbacks.  I am living proof that long term commitment to a Wellbeing Ritual WILL bring you better health, sleep, confidence, energy and a deeper connection to yourself.  These tools don't just set me up for the day, they have set me up for life.  Thank you."

Private client suffering with PTSD, Hayley

"I tried my Wellbeing Ritual this morning and even though I'm not at school yet, I'm feeling happy and ready for it.  Thank you!"

Maria, aged 9

"Thank you Sonja for your sessions with [my daughter], we can see the benefits creeping into her behaviour and attitude and she has become a Wellbeing Ritual ambassador, teaching her friends at school and even with one of my bestie who is having trouble sleeping!  It's wonderful to see a positive belief in herself.  It's lovely, thank you."

Mother to Emma. aged 10.