The Wellbeing Ritual 7 Week Course for Women and Girls is a unique opportunity over 7 weeks to learn simple, effective Wellbeing  tools that  fit with real life and deliver you autonomous wellbeing.  Together we will create the Wellbeing Ritual that works for you.  

Wellbeing Ritual®  includes :

  • 7 weeks of private weekly 45 minute one-one-one session,
  • Private Forum for the unique global community of students learning the same tools at the same time,
  • the support of tailored Wellbeing Ritual® videos, audios, and teaching guides throughout the course.

You and your family will have everything you need to get to grips with a simple, sustainable daily wellbeing practice.


A Wellbeing Ritual® is a daily practice that is simple, sustainable and easy to do everyday.  Challenges  with sleep, anxiety, emotional overwhelm, loss of positivity, self esteem and resilience can be a direct reaction to the over stimulation of  the nervous system.  Learning the tools to self soothe your nervous system allows you to understand your own body and how to bring it back to neutral. 

With a daily Wellbeing Rituals of just 10-20 minutes a day you can bring your Nervous System back to neutral and from there your day can begin.

All Wellbeing Rituals® contain key Nervous System soothing ingredients:

  • Movement
  • Breath
  • Stillness
  • Creativity.

The  transformational power of a Wellbeing Ritual® lies in its ease.  

  1. Explore the tools.
  2. Choose the ones that work for you. 
  3. Practice them every day.

 It is that simple.


The 7 Week  Collective Course.


This exciting opportunity allows you to discover your 7 Wellbeing Ritual®  Modules from anywhere in the world, working with Sonja privately and within a small global community over 7 weeks online.  Together we will explore the Wellbeing Tools, discover the ones that work for you and practice them daily.


The Foundation.  Week one we will prepare the ground for the rest of the course by remembering how to breathe and how to set up our external environment to support our internal environment.  You will learn the basics of what is happening physically within your body - primarily the diaphragm and the nervous system - and how they can change the way you feel.

Weeks 2-6.  Each week we will cover 1 short movement sequence, 1 breathing exercise, 1 short meditation technique and 1 journaling prompt.  From these you will choose 2 to practice every day for the week ahead.  The following 5  modules are divided into remembering how to rest and sleep, soothing anxiety, balancing overwhelm, increasing positivity, inspiring self esteem and creativity.

The Summary.  Week seven we will recap on each tool we have practiced, seeking out the ones that worked for you with minimum effort required.

The weekly Wellbeing Ritual® Modules are:

  1. The Foundation - How to Breathe and Get Started.
  2. Remembering How to Rest and Sleep.
  3. Soothing Anxiety.
  4. Balancing Overwhelm.
  5. Increased Positivity.
  6. Inspiring Self Esteem and Creativity.
  7. The Summary.  What works for you?



  1. One on One Guidance.  Each week will begin with a 45 minute one on one session over Skype or Zoom with Sonja, where you will get the chance to talk through the Module - its content and relevance to you. Together you will practice the Wellbeing Tools for that week so that you are prepared for practicing them independently over the week ahead.
  2. Video & Audio Support.  Each weeks module will be sent to you via email with attached video footage, audio guidance and written support for each Module.  This will be the perfect back up support for your home practices.
  3. Personal Practice. After your introduction to the Wellbeing tools for that week, you will select and consistently practice the 2 tools that most appeal.  This is the process of discovering what works for you.  By  doing little and often with a daily practice you start to build your Wellbeing muscle and self awareness.
  4. Community Support.  The Private Facebook page is there for you to share your experience with the other students who will be practicing the same tools.  This group is small - a maximum of 12 students during each course, so you will feel the support of an engaged and private community.
  5. Saturday Facebook LIVE. We shall gather each Saturday in our private Facebook forum to reflect on the tools of that week, to share our experiences and ask for any tips needed.

By practicing your Wellbeing Ritual®, little and often, you will know the most direct way to soothe YOUR nervous system, sustaining long term self care for optimal wellbeing.


The Wellbeing Ritual® 7 week course is perfect for Women and Girls who want to take control of their wellbeing in a natural, intuitive and gentle manner.  Mothers and Daughters can partake in the course together to bring the essence of remembering self care back into the home.  Everyone will feel the benefit.

The Wellbeing Tools come from Yoga and are not a replacement for medication, therapy or counselling.  Wellbeing Rituals® support your wellbeing through everyday emotions and can act as a complimentary tool to other forms of healing.  Please check with your doctor if you have any concerns about mental, emotional or physical wellbeing.

The course is open to 12 students per season and begins February 5th 2018.  

Suitable for age 9 upwards, individually or in small groups.  Cost per individual or family: £666.