Wellbeing Rituals are built on the desire to allow your wellbeing journey to be a marathon not a sprint. Baby steps, everyday. By tuning in to ourselves as a consistent regular practice, we can start to shape each moment to better serve our whole wellbeing. A delicious collection of daily practices builds up over time into a lifestyle of delicious positive decision making with magical ripple effects.

A Wellbeing Ritual takes many shapes and shifts over time. What may begin as a 5 minute breath work practice may become a monthly massage treatment. You choose. But by undertaking a Wellbeing Ritual, you commit and show up and honour your own ability to do the work inside that allows the work outside to be so much more gracious.

To encourage your investment in yourself, Wellbeing Rituals are available to book here through MIND BODY. Commit to 10 Wellbeing Ritual sessions over 12 months for £350 and you have written your own permission slip to invest your time, resources and energy in your own wellbeing. A Wellbeing Ritual session can include any of my 60 minute treatments - yoga, meditation, breath work, Qoya, massage, facial, Reiki, reflexology, aromatherapy - over the year ahead. That is a financial saving of £100 and a life saving decision that is priceless.

WELLBEING RITUAL® - Intelligent Self Care.

A Wellbeing Ritual is quite simply a daily commitment to self care.

By consistently scheduling a personal wellbeing practice to begin each day, we are better able to cope with the challenges that arise when we are sleep deprived and under pressure.

It’s not about how long you practice for, its about the compound interest effect of a DAILY practice. These practices are a direct and potent source of clarity and balance. Find what works for you, do that thing daily.

With a Wellbeing Ritual, we honour the delicate power of supportive daily habits, loaded with intention. Why intelligent?

  • INTELLIGENT because the practice is based on the core understanding that our bodies hold an innate intelligence within every cell that want to replenish, harmonise and heal. When the nervous system is calm, this intelligence - this messaging system - can work fluidly on the maintenance and restoration of total wellbeing. By introducing a small but consistent Wellbeing Ritual into your everyday routine, you create space for this intelligence to move with grace and restore your body to a natural state of wellbeing, without external intervention.

  • INTELLIGENT because the practice begins by identifying how we want to feel, and then creating a road map to create that feeling, daily.

  • INTELLIGENT because once you are clear on how you want to feel, you choose the tools that work for you. No guru, no expert, no external authority. Self agency, empowerment, self responsibility for your own wellbeing… it’s the opposite of victim, the opposite of helpless.

Intelligent because a Wellbeing Ritual invites you to show up for yourself, a demonstration of pragmatic and effective self love.





WELLBEING RITUAL® - The ingredients

Each Wellbeing Ritual is created according to the way you seek to feel, within a realistic time frame and the available space you have for a daily practice. Each Wellbeing Ritual® is unique, a personal empowerment footprint for putting wellbeing at the top of your to-do list. Depending on your preferences, a Wellbeing Ritual may include massage, breathwork, meditation or movement.



wellbeing ritual - THE SCHEDULE

Find a time that suits you most days.

Without thinking about it too much, show up at that time and do what you do, to the best of your ability in that moment.

Find what works for you… do that thing.


TO LEARN MORE OR EXPLORE YOU OWN WELLBEING RITUAL®, TEXT SONJA +44 7736 784446. Appointments available over Skype or in person.