A Wellbeing Ritual® is a simple daily practice designed to help each day reach optimum clarity, productivity and enjoyment.

The Wellbeing Ritual® progam includes breath-work, meditation techniques, movement sequences and journaling practices that soothe the nervous system and help you enjoy life.

The Wellbeing Ritual® program currently runs within selected local secondary schools, Bournemouth & Poole College and Kimmerage Court, the eating disorders ward of St Ann’s NHS Hospital, Poole. It has proven extremely effective when working with people suffering from anxiety and trauma.

A combination of ancient practices and modern techniques, the Wellbeing Ritual® program is designed to help you find the tools that work best for you, in the time you have available, to make the most positive impact. It is gentle, simple and intuitive.

Find what works for you, do it every day.


Private Wellbeing Ritual®

8 private classes of 60 MINUTES £640

Drawing on my experience working with women suffering with high anxiety, post traumatic stress, self harm patterns, eating disorders and insomnia, Wellbeing Ritual® is a comprehensive practical application of the most effective breath work, movement sequences, simple meditation techniques and daily journaling practices that will support your treatment in a holistic and intuitive way.  Wellbeing Ritual tools put the healing back into the hands of the student, empowering them to learn how to support themselves with breath, movement and meditation.   

Little and often is the essence of the Wellbeing Ritual  daily practice.   Find what works for you.  Do that. 


Corporate Wellbeing

30-45 MINUTES £160+

Introduce a culture of self care and wellbeing into your corporate environment with weekly take home tools that support mental, emotional and physical resilience through breath work, meditation and simple movement sequences.  No previous experience required and can be taught /practiced in an office space.

Price starts at £160.

School Wellbeing


Introduce a culture of self care and wellbeing for teachers and students with weekly concrete take-home tools of mindful breath work, meditation and yoga to nourish mental, emotional and physical resilience.  

Suitable for age 11+ upwards / £ on application.

Wellbeing Workshop.


Workshops to dive into the Wellbeing tools of breath work, meditation, movement and writing to focus on specific pain points: Remembering How to Rest | Soothing Anxiety | Tools for Survival | Increasing Positivity | Inspiring Creativity | Flowing with Change. 

£ on application.





For reservations or information:

email: sonja@sonjalockyer.com

text: 07736 784446