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Wellbeing Retreat for the Divine Feminine, Greece / 6-12th May 2018

The Wellbeing Retreat on Silver Island in Greece is a 7 day immersion into balancing your Divine Feminine and Masculine energies through movement, breath, stillness and creativity.  Together we will gather on this private island to practice Yoga, Qoya, Breath Exercises and Meditation.  We will rest.  We will recalibrate our nervous system and remember our essence is wise, wild and free.  


This is your invitation to fall deeply in love with yourself once more, the way that you did when you were a tiny baby and you marvelled at your own tiny hands and toes.  Take this week to dive into your own heart, your own body, your own being and allow the full embodiment of the miracle that is you to reconnect with your awareness.

By being still, by breathing mindfully, by remembering our creative essence and by harnessing movement as medicine we can fully embrace that we are magnificent souls having a human experience.

It's nothing new, its simply a remembering.  You have all that you need within you.  Take a moment to remember.


Every day of the retreat will open with a Qoya session.  Qoya classes are based on the idea that through movement we remember. We remember our essence is wise, wild and free.  Wise draws on the ancient wisdom of yoga,  Wild calls on the creative expression of dance.  Free calls on expanding our capacity to enjoy being in our body through feminine movement.

Qoya is accessible to every age, shape and size.  There is no way you can do it wrong, the only way you know you are doing it right is that it feels good.  This deceptively simple movement practice has a profound way of bringing you face to face with your truth.  


Wellbeing Rituals® are simple, sustainable daily practices of wellbeing tools that soothe the nervous system and recalibrate the body to maintain emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.  By exploring the tools of movement, breath exercises, simple meditation practices and creative themes, we will discover the tools that suit you.

This Retreat is dedicated to uncovering the most potent daily ritual for you.  Your bespoke Wellbeing Ritual® will be a transformational daily practice within a realistic time frame for your actual lifestyle, allowing you to anchor each day in living an embodied, conscious and bountiful life.


Silver Island is a privately owned Island dedicated to impeccable retreats.  This is truly a place you can unwind and merge with nature and self, where modern distractions become a distant memory. This paradise island will be your safe place to shed the layers of illusion and become more completely true to yourself, exploring the tools of movement, breath, stillness and creativity to remember your essence is wise, wild and free.


We are each made of masculine and feminine energies, which enable us to be both proactive and effective (the masculine) and creative and reflective (the feminine).  Both energies are essential to whole living and can be balanced through the practices of Wellbeing Rituals® and Qoya.  This retreat invites you to harmonise and nurture the balance within you of masculine and feminine energy.  

By inviting the intelligence of your own body to communicate through movement, breath, stillness and creativity, you create opportunity for the truth to emerge.  With every layer of illusion that you shed, you will remember your truth, your magnificence, your purpose and your ability to love life.

When you leave, your inner voice will radiate through your.  You will stop doubting yourself and start really living.

You will remember that your essence is wise, wild and free.

“Nourishing, nurturing, relaxing, inspiring, beautiful, incredible…. please save my place at every one of your Retreats!”

Alice, Autumn Retreat guest

This Retreat offers you the most magical opportunity to remember the magnificence of who you really are, to fall in love with your essence in all its shades of light and dark - the ultimate love story.


Our days will be flexible, but a sample schedule follows:

The morning will be dedicated to a conscious breath & meditation practice, followed by Qoya.

We shall share a delicious nutritious lunch around the big farm style table, followed by time to rest / explore / swim / read / write.

We shall gather again at Sunset for Wellbeing Rituals®, exploring a selection of breathing  practices, meditations and short movement sequences to uncover the wellbeing tools that work for you.

Each day will be closed with more delicious food, wine, gathering and shared story telling.


The island's accommodation consists of two beautifully renovated, traditional white washed, blue shuttered houses - the Main house, and the Villa. 5 twin rooms, with only space for 10 guests per retreat, making this an intimate and very personal experience.

The rooms are a mix of traditional features and contemporary design and are individual in shape, size, style. Tastefully furnished throughout with 100% cotton sheets, towels, beach wraps, hypoallergenic pillows and mosquito netting. We also provide 100% natural, locally make toiletries and insect repellent. All the rooms have built in cupboards and spectacular views of either the island or the crystal blue Aegean sea. All that you could need to be comfortable, unpack and make yourself at home. 

The week retreat is all inclusive, based on the room that you choose and rates is per person sharing per week. Rooms may be booked as single occupancy, however both beds will need to be purchased.


To embrace a healthy  lifestyle we promote a vegetarian diet consisting of pure, simple, natural foods which are easily digested and promote health. 

Three vegetarian meals, inspired by the Mediterranean diet will be provided daily. All our produce is seasonal, organic and locally sourced. Fertile mountain slopes and bountiful sunshine produce some of the tastiest sun ripened fruit and vegetables which when prepared with love (and our own extra virgin olive oil) result in mouth watering, nutritious and delicious cuisine. The meals will be served at our outdoor table or in our sheltered dining area, both overlooking the Aegean Sea. 

Fresh coffee, a variety of teas and healthy snacks will be available at all times.

Lissa and Corne from Silver Island have published a cookery book with ideas from the retreat for wholesome delicious food. CLICK HERE to learn more about the book.


You will fly into Athens International and take a taxi or bus to the port closest to the island.  Silver Island will guide you  on every detail you will need for this journey.


This Retreat is open to women only.  It is suited to anyone who is ready to release layer after layer of conditioning, pretence, playing small, trying to fit in, people pleasing, over giving and self doubt.  If you feel the urge to let the true you emerge in all your unapologetic glory, this is the retreat for you.

If you feel the call to meet like minded, inspirational women who are driven to consciously grow and heal to live to their highest calling, this Retreat is for you.

If you feel tired of keeping quiet and only revealing a fraction of who you really are, this Retreat is for you.

If you know that the time has come for you to allow the unravelling to begin and truly allow yourself sacred space to feel all that you have been blocking out, this Retreat is for you.

This Retreat is not suited to you if you want to numb out or do yoga for physical fitness only.


Prices start at £1150, and you book direct with Silver Island.  

To find out more about Silver Island CLICK HERE.  To secure you place on the QOYA Greece Retreat  please email