All your sessions are amazing! I use the breathwork everyday - it’s changed my life!
— Laura, Kimmerage Court

Everyday is such a challenge, facing up to my greatest fear, but my sessions with you let me take my attention elsewhere. I use the breath work every night. I’ve struggled to sleep for such a long time. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for a good nights sleep!
— Hannah, Kimmerage Court

I’m not sure how to put into words what a difference you’ve made without blushing! I feel alive, tuned in and turned on! It’s as if my body has woken up and I’m in love with life.
— Eleanor, beautician

Anxiety used to stop me from being able to join in with so many things I love. With you I’ve learnt how to calm myself when I feel stressed and I do my practice everyday to give me the best start. Thank you.
— Nyah, age 8

When I came to you I was really stressed. My heart was racing, I could never sleep and I felt completely out of control of my body and my life. Our sessions have taught me how to move out of that state with some simple breath work. I can now recognise the signs when I need to take some time for me. Its changed everything, thank you.
— Claire, CEO

I didn’t think I could meditate but you made it so simple and now I feel better able to stay calm in chaos and cope with the challenges of work and home. It’s become a non-negotiable, I’m so grateful.
— Rosie, Teacher

Because of our sessions I can get through the day. My PTSD condition means that I’m unsure of what the day holds for me. With Wellbeing Ritual® I can anchor my day each morning with something positive that supports me and makes me feel able to cope. Thank you.
— Jo, Artist

You create a safe space where I’ve been able to trust myself to really FEEL - I hadn’t realised how numb I had become. It’s changed every area of my life, thank you.
— Claire, Accountant