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RADIANT BREATH is a 2 Phase yogic breathwork course that helps us to better understand the relationship between the way we breathe and the way we feel.

  • Radiant Breath Phase 1: An Introduction to Breathwork

  • Radiant Breath Phase 2: A 35 day Breathwork Cleanse.

Conscious breath is a simple and profound tool for calming the mind and soothing the nervous system, allowing the body to drop into Rest & Digest. Once the body is calm, greater mental clarity occurs and healing can begin.

Breathwork is a vehicle of internal communication - the wind that carries the quiet whisper of the higher self. It is effective in altering your mindset, calming your nerves and allowing you the ability to step back and observe yourself. Breathwork allows us to guide our thoughts and actions with greater clarity, purpose and grace.

How the Radiant Breath courses work.

  1. Phase 1 is a foundational 6 week course that provides you with breath work practices to last you a lifetime. This course is suitable for all.

  2. Phase 2 is a 6 week breath detox that is powerful and intense. Phase 2 requires an absolute commitment to a daily breath work practice. This course is only suitable to students with experience in either breath work or meditation.

Upcoming course:

Radiant Breath Phase One begins Sept 16th

Radiant Breath Phase Two begins November 11th 2019.



Radiant Breath is inspired by the teaching of B N S Iyengar, Founder of the Mysore Krishnamacharr Yoga Shalla in Mysore, India. I studied Pranayama (yoga breath) with Iyengar in 2005 and his teachings are the foundation of this breath work course.

B N S Iyengar studied Pranayamana breath work 75 years ago under the guidance of Krishnamacharia, father of vinyasa yoga. My intention is that the content of Radiant Breath be true to his teachings - classical yoga breath work at its purest.