Qoya is movement with meaning.  It's founded on the idea that through movement, we remember.  We remember as women that we are wise, wild and free.  Wise, wild and free also draw reference to the movement forms we practice.  Wise from the wisdom of yoga.  Wild from the wildness and creative expression of dance.  Free from feminine movement - to slow down and revel in the pleasure of moving how our bodies want to move.  There is no way you can do it wrong and the way that you know you are doing it right is that it feels good.

Qoya classes

Selected Thursdays, 7.30-8.45pm / Canford Cliffs Village Hall / £11 per class.

  • Thursday March 22nd
  • Thursday April 5th, 19th
  • Thursday May 3rd, 17th
  • Thursday June 14th, 28th with Scanias Gong Bath
  • Thursday July 12th, 26th.

Full Moon Ceremony.jpg

QOYA Full Moon Ceremonies

  • Saturday 31st March - Worm Moon & Spring Equinox 
  • Thursday 28th June - Strawberry Moon & Summer Solstice
  • Thursday 20th September - Harvest Moon & Autumn Equinox

8-10pm in Poole, Dorset. Location to be confirmed.

QOYA Initiation

April 21 & 22,  Poole, Dorset.

You've felt the call to be a lightworker.  To study.  To teach. To share your unique gifts with others through a soul-centred offering.

To do your sacred work that makes your heart sing.  To feel good in your body, your work and your life. Why spend your life doing anything else?