My story.


I thought my body was the problem. I was doing my best to hold life together in a tricky relationship and I really NEEDED to feel turned on. But, I felt like my nerve endings had been severed from the shoulders down. I felt nothing. And with time, it got worse. My body started rejecting my partner by locking my knees together as soon as he touched me.

The mind was willing (desperate, even) but the body… she said no.

I turned to a Jade Egg practice to try to fix my brokenness. I fell to my knees as I discovered how unbroken I was and how much pleasure my body could feel. That is how I began to face the truth - my body wasn’t broken, my life was.

I know that living a life with sensuality and pleasure as your compass filters into your entire world. It is the Queen of self care. It brings beauty, kindness, conscious connection and sensitivity where being numb simply cuts you off.

This is why I help women get out of their head and into their body with simple Wellbeing Ritual®. If they’re ready, I’ll guide them back to their pelvis with the Jade Egg Wellbeing Ritual®. This is my mission - to bring you home to your beautiful, powerful body.

Are you ready to start discovering how good that feels?


  • British Wheel of Yoga Teacher 2005

  • REIKI level 1 2005

  • B K S Iyengar Breath Work & Meditation 2006


  • Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training 2018

  • QOYA intensive Teacher Training 2017

  • level 3 diploma holistic MASSAGE 2018

  • ANGEL THERAPY® with eloise bennett 2018