Teen Meditation & Mindful Breath

The secret to unstoppable wellbeing lies in the nervous system.  When we remember how to soothe and calm our nervous system, our body is able to nourish, maintain and care for itself.

Todays' world moves incredibly fast and the pressures of being young without understanding how to care for our own wellbeing can be overwhelming.

Taking a moment to slow down, to self soothe your own body and to remember your essence is calm can reframe everything and better prepare you for daily challenges.


The quickest way to influence how you are feeling is to learn how to breathe.  It sounds obvious, but most of us are unaware of the potent connection between breathing deeply and feeling well.

Take a moment now to feel your breath.  Let me show you how to make it feel more nourishing and relaxing.


A common misconception about meditation is that you have to sit perfectly still in lotus pose and empty your mind.  What if I told you there is another way, and that this other way is all about feeling GOOD?

When we practice meditation we sit or lie comfortably, and if we want to move then we move.

When we practice meditation we invite our thoughts in so we an see the stories that are going round and round in our heads.  Its good to familiarise yourself with what you are telling yourself.

When we practice we move light around our bodies to help us feel connected, alive and vibrant.


A regular  practice profoundly effects your physical, energetic and spiritual presence.   Expect  to get better sleep, be able to focus more clearly, get more done in the time you have and to enjoy life more.


Because we want to enjoy this life as mush as we can, and feeling rested, calm and nourished makes us better able to do all the great things life has to offer.


  1. Weekly 30 minute Meditation Zoom Room Group Sessions every Wednesday at 7.30-8pm GMT.
  2. Weekly downloadable audio recordings from each weeks session for you to practice in your own time.

COST: £11 per month.

NB. There will be occasions when the live session will be pre-recorded to allow for life's eventualities and for rest during the months of August and December.

Cancellation policy: cancel at any time.


How does this work?

Every week you  will receive a link to our private Zoom Room.  By clicking on the link at 7.30pm each Wednesday you have access to the live session, sharing mindful breath and meditation to soothe the nervous system.

This is the perfect preparation for sleep.

Will you be seen?

You will be able to see and hear me, I will see your name but you will not be visible or audible to me or the community taking part around the world.  You will, however, feel uncannily connected to the other girls taking part.

What if you miss the session?

The following day you will receive the audio recording  to practice in your own time.