I teach yoga for people who are interested in feeling good in their body.

This may sound obvious, but let’s be clear - it’s all about feeling good.

My focus is your nervous system and ways to soothe it, so that if your world is feeling stressed out, exhausted or anxious you can remember ways to get yourself back in a good place. I want you to understand how your breath effects your headspace. I want you to fine tune your awareness so that you remember to prioritise pleasure in your body. I want to give you a map back to yourself.



The Vinyasa Yoga session is for dynamic, athletic types who want to get a body work out as well as headspace for clarity and calm. We begin with basic breath work, and move into a flowing, dance like practice designed to fine tune your sensitivity to your own body, allowing you to discern what feels good. Feeling good is always our compass.

Tuesday 10-11.15am The Yoga Shala, Penn Hill, Poole, Dorset. Book direct below.

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Let me tailor the class to suit your needs with a private one-to-one yoga session. Make space in your schedule and in your home to prioritise the wellbeing of your mind, body and soul. Open to individuals or groups.


teen yoga

Imagine knowing how to stay calm, clear and focused from a young age, so that your whole life you can tap into self care practices that you know work for you. This is the aim of these session. I teach you how to relax, how to move, how to be still in a way that makes you feel amazing.

Drawing on my experience of working with schools, colleges and hospitals with young women with anxiety, self harm habits and eating disorders, this session is to prevent the pressure of life becoming too much.

Each class opens with basic breath work and moves into yoga that flows - sometimes dynamic, sometimes restful. At the end you get to have a really deep sleep. Please bring your yoga mat and maybe a blanket for cosiness at the end.

5-6pm, 100 Conifer Ave, Poole, Dorset, BH14 8RX. Age 14+