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THE RETREAT - May 6-12th 2018

The Retreat - May 6-12th

A week devoted to the Divine Feminine: remembering your essence is wise, wild and free.

Silver Island is the Retreat of my dreams.  A secluded private island dedicated to nurture, to the rhythms of nature, to serenity and self care, set within the mythical land of Greece, where Gods and Goddesses still thrive in the awareness of her people.   A place to come home to yourself, to step out of the frantic pace of life and remember that in essence you are wise, wild and free.

Why Greece?

My personal journey to coming home to my body has been a dance with the Divine Feminine - permission to slow down, to feel, to honour my intuition and remember the wisdom of my body that I am able to reconnect with when I breathe, get still, move in a conscious manner and allow the  Divine Feminine within me to rise.

The power of this process has led me gracefully toward a life more sensual and joyful than I ever imagined possible.  To me, Greece is the home of the Goddess.  The lineage and history of the Divine Feminine is deeply steeped within the culture, the story telling and the people of Greece.  Coming home to yourself in an environment that honours and supports the journey is powerful.  To be surrounded by turquoise seas, bird song, sunshine and like-minded sisters stokes the flame of your internal fire.  The stage is set.  The layers can fall.  Welcome to the sacred space of Silver Island.

Devoted to the Divine Feminine.

We are each made of equal part feminine and masculine energy.  Our culture applauds and rewards the masculine line of achievement, progress, independent dominance and assertiveness.  But what of the feminine?  What about introspection, fluidity, sensuality, pleasure and feeling?

When we remember the feminine within us, we are able to inform the assertive masculine with the intuitive wisdom of our soul.  Together, masculine and feminine achieve greatness.  

This is the theme of The Retreat.  Time to remember your essence is wise, wild and free through movement, stillness, breath and journaling.

Who is The Retreat for?

The Retreat is for you if you are tired of feeling tired.  If you have forgotten your ability to enjoy the sensuality of being present and feeling everything.  If you are drained from holding it all together for everyone and can't remember the last time you prioritised self care.  If you are a woman who once felt radiant, vital, inspired and energised but somewhere along the journey forgot.  If you'd like to remember how good it can feel to be alive, how to laugh from your deepest core, how experience pleasure for pleasures sake, and how to reclaim yourself, find your voice, be sensual and steer your life back to its true purpose.

What will be doing?
Each day will open with Qoya under the morning light of the practice Gazebo.
We shall then all sit together for a delicious, local, seasonal lunch prepared by our amazing hosts.
The afternoon will have plenty of time for resting, reading, swimming, chatting, silence - you choose.
As the sun sets we shall meet again at the Practice Gazebo for Wellbeing Rituals - gentle yoga, mindful breath exercises and the Magdalene Meditation.  
The day will close around the big farm table for more delicious food and wine, followed by deep, deep sleep.

How many guests?
The Retreat is a small and exclusive experience accommodating up to 10 female guests in five beautifully decorated and inviting rooms. During the day the pebbled beaches, hidden coves and miles of pathways offer a chance for guests to spend time alone in quiet reflection between the two hour dawn and sunset classes. 
You are invited to join us for a truly magical, unspoiled, utterly relaxing Retreat of a lifetime.

What will we be eating?  

To embrace a healthy  lifestyle we promote a vegetarian diet consisting of pure, simple, natural foods which are easily digested and promote health. 

Three vegetarian meals, inspired by the Mediterranean diet will be provided daily. All our produce is seasonal, organic and locally sourced. Fertile mountain slopes and bountiful sunshine produce some of the tastiest sun ripened fruit and vegetables which when prepared with love (and our own extra virgin olive oil) result in mouth watering, nutritious and delicious cuisine. The meals will be served at our outdoor table or in our sheltered dining area, both overlooking the Aegean Sea. 

Fresh coffee, a variety of teas and healthy snacks will be available at all times.

Drinking water will also be provided. 

You will be asked to inform us of any food allergy or special dietary requirements you may have when booking via our online Health and Indemnity form.

How to book The Retreat.
The Retreat prices begin at £1,300 and vary according to your accommodation selection.
Book online at


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What is Silver Island?
Silver Island is a privately owned, untouched dream island offering you the most unique eco retreat experience.

Silver Island is 60 acres of gently rolling hills, small idyllic coves, ancient old olive groves, cypress trees and wild flowers, the rhythmic sound of cicadas all surrounded by the crystal blue Mediterranean with glorious views every way you turn, all captivating to the eye.

Comprised of just a couple of white washed and blue shuttered traditional Greek homes, a church and lighthouse, Silver Island lends itself to a peaceful and rejuvenating experience. This is truly a magical place to practice the art and joy of yoga. A place you can unwind and merge with nature and self.

How eco is this venue?

Silver Island Yoga is completely off grid! We pride ourselves in offering our guests a complete eco-retreat experience. With no mains water or electricity we only use solar power to harness the sun's energy to light up the island and heat our water, which is collected and filtered from the winter’s rainfall. Locally produced 100% natural and biodegradable toiletries are also provided to our guests, as water is recycled for watering the gardens. We have an organic olive farm, recycle all our waste and support our local communities development.

The Retreat Ethos.

The Retreat  is about totally getting away, magic, nature, wellness, transformation and rejuvenation. Our wish is create an experience that inspires peace, abundance, serenity and self love. Being off the grid also allows our guests the opportunity to have an authentic digital detox!

You are invited to join us for a truly magical, unspoiled, utterly Retreat of a lifetime.


Here is a basic overview of how to get to the Island. Once you have booked, you will receive detailed travel information pack.

The retreat runs from Sunday to Saturday weekly. The pick up point for transfer to the Island is from the harbour at Oreoi on each Sunday, the day the retreat begins. Pick up time is 12:30pm in low season and 10:30am in high season. We time the pick ups to match the bus arrival times.

There are two airports that can be used to reach the island. These are:

The airport you need to fly into is Athens International Airport, Elefthérios Venizélos.

Once in Athens you have two choices of getting to the Island. The trip will take three and a half to four hours either way.

Private transport: We use Athens Taxi Transfers for transfers from Athens to the closest local port by private or shared taxi. You can contact Frances on" for prices either via the mountains or the ferry crossing (same route as the bus)

By Bus: There is a daily bus at 6:45am (high season) and 8:45am (low season) directly to our local port. the cost is €18 and it includes a fun ferry crossing €4,70.

You will arrive at 12:20pm (low season) and 10:20am (high season) and we will meet you as the bus comes in. You will have an opportunity to get a few last minute things in the village before departing for the island by boat.

Alternatively for those wanting to spend some time exploring incredible Greece, there are many other airlines and flights into Athens. If you don't enjoy cities and want to get to the beach, then you are welcome to stay in our little local village of Oreoi. We are happy to help with accommodation recommendations and bookings in the village.


On Saturday, we will transport you to the Mainland in order to catch the 1pm bus to Athens. The Bus arrives at 5pm in Athens. It takes half an hour by bus or taxi to the Airport.

When you are booking your return flight, please allow enough time for you to catch your outbound flight - anything from 19h00. 


Alternative arrival / departure times are NOT possible. Being a private island, we rely on a water taxi service to bring our guest to and from the island. Due to the strict maritime laws, we are not able to take guests across with our own boat. The weather also become unpredictable in the afternoons with the North winds, so crossing is not always possible, and the port police will ground all boats. If you are not able to make pick up time, this needs to be communicated well in advance and it will cost €150 for the trip, but this too will be weather dependent.