The Moon Meditation

every new and full moon - 6.15 - online

The Moon Meditation is a FREE 30 minute live meditation practice. Following the tides of the moon, this meditation is designed to get you reconnected to the potent energy that lies within your pelvis.

By combining gentle breath work with simple Tao-Tantric Meditation practices, you will start to rebuild your sensory and energetic connection to the pelvis, allowing deep healing and nourishment. This practice is open to all women of all ages with all pelvic landscapes. By working with the subtle body, we connect with the energetic imprint of the ovaries, womb and vagina, regardless of the actual physical presence of the organs. Directing awareness and breath to this most feminine territory allows the Intelligence of the body to be heard, felt and witnesses. From here, intuition, resilience and sensuality will flourish.

This practice is gentle but powerful. You are invited to explore your unique pelvic energy within this safe space, dancing to the rhythms of the moon. If you feel called, you are welcome combine the Moon Meditation with a Jade Egg Practice. There’s no pressure - do what feels good.



the new moon

The New Moon is the start of the moon cycle, a new dawn. The essence of the new moon is reflection, self observation, solitude and calm. This is a good time to:

  • reflect on what is serving you or draining you right now,

  • take time to write, paint, sing or do whatever helps you tune in to your internal world,

  • define your intentions for the month ahead, aligned with your highest self and good.

the full moon

The Full Moon is the peak of the moon cycle, a time of extraordinary sensitivity, charge and emotion. This is a good time to:

  • call in what you truly desire - you are magnetic right now,

  • recognise what is niggling you and take steps to resolve the niggle,

  • take action to make your life the most glorious expression of your unique self.

HOW TO JOIN the moon meditation

Time: 6.15am GMT

Spring Term Dates: Jan 6 & 21 (eclipse), Feb 4 & 19 (super moon), March 6 & 21.

Zoom Link:

Password: Moon