The Moon Meditation

every new and full moon - 6.15 - online

The Moon Meditation is a FREE 30 minute meditation resource for any woman interested in rebuilding her connection to the potent energy within the pelvis. Following the tides of the moon cycle, we mark each New and Full Moon with some gentle breath work and a light-sourcing meditation within the pelvis. Working with the Intelligence of your body, this classical Tao-Tantric meditation is deeply healing and nourishing.

You are invited to explore the practice for your own healing, with the option to add a Jade Egg Practice if that calls to you. No pressure, just do what feels good.

If you’re looking for greater resilience, a tangible increase in sensuality and an unshakeable foundation of intuitive wisdom, your pelvis is where the journey begins.


new moon

The New Moon is the start of the moon cycle, a new dawn. The essence of the New Moon is introspection, reflection, solitude and quiet, This is a beautiful time to:

  • take time to observe with neutrality - what supports and what drains you in this moment,

  • realign your schedule and goals with the highest purpose of your soul,

  • define your intentions for the moon cycle ahead.

full moon

The Full Moon is the peak of the moon cycle, the most emotionally charged and highly sensitive time. The essence of the Full Moon is super powered energy, high impact action and bold social interactions. This is a great time to:

  • recognise and do something about those niggles that you’ve been trying to ignore,

  • call in the elements of your true desires - you are magnetic right now,

  • take action towards the creating a reality that supports your highest good.

how to log on

Time: 6.15am GMT

Spring Term Dates: Jan 6 & 21 (eclipse), Feb 4 & 19 (super moon), March 6 & 21.

Zoom Link:

Password: Moon