Bodywork Offerings

All Bodywork treatments are tailored to your needs in that moment and may include a number of disciplines, including Holistic, Swedish, Hawaiian massage, Deep tissue, Hot Stones, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Breathwork, Meditation, Yoga and Qoya. To allow each treatment to be a fluid response to each persons needs in the moment, it is simpler to price your bespoke session as:

60 minutes £45

90 minutes £60.

The Frankincense Facial is £60 for 60 minutes and can include Reflexology for a 90 minute appointment of £90.

Here is a description of the disciplines I work with for your better understanding of what to expect.




The field of massage encompasses many specialities and every massage is as unique as the client. During your massage treatment I will draw on my experience with massage modalities from around the world, to ensure that your body receives the optimum treatment for that moment. You will benefit from increased lymphatic drainage, soothing of the nervous system, a boost to the circulatory system, physical muscular manipulation and deep relaxation.


channeling universal life energy

A Reiki treatment may or may not involve touch. Reiki is an energy practice involving the channeling and delivery of Universal Energy - an animate energy found everywhere within and around us. During your Reiki treatment, I shall work on your chakra system to support balance and harmonisation within your subtle energetic body. Reiki can be performed in person or long distance.



vibrational Plant medicine

An Aromatherapy treatment may include massage or could involve the creation of a personal blend to use at home. Through the use of essential oils we are able to influence the vibrational quality of our body systems, enabling us to support, harmonise, energise or heal the body.



working with the meridians

A Reflexology treatment focuses on the feet primarily, working with the Meridians of the body via specific pressure points and zones. Reflexology is a time-honoured method of healing that has been clinically substantiated.


Hot Stone Massage

basalt and jade crystal stones

Hot Stone Massage is an ancient massage technique that uses the heat from beautiful, smooth basalt volcanic rock to deeply relax muscles and restore complete harmony within your body. Crystals to support the chakra system with the basalt to ensure you are finely tuned and harmonised on every level. This treatment is divinely slow, luxuriously soothing and decadently grounding. 90 MINUTES


The Frankincense Facial

rejuvenating skincare and holistic wellbeing.

The Frankincense Facial works with a combination of the highest grade Boswali Frankincense products, offering you the most intense skincare with profound mental and emotional wellbeing.

Frankincense is unique in its ability to slow down the breath whilst simultaneously increasing the heart rate - allowing the senses to be sharp and calm. Frankincense was used by the Egyptians to preserve and mummify skin - imagine what it can do whilst you’re still alive! The essential oil and resin have been used for thousands of years to support the ability to concentrate, stay calm in stressful situations and to aleviate depression and anxiety.

This 60 minute treatment includes massage for the decolletage, neck and face, aromatherapy and Gua Sha crystal lymphatic drainage. Can also include Reflexology for a 90 minute appointment.


All Bodywork Treatments must be paid in advance, are non transferable and cancellation will be charged in full within 36hrs of your booking