Holistic Swedish Massage 

60 MINUTES £40

A powerful combination of classical Swedish Massage and Essential Oils to stimulate deep physical nourishment and relaxation. Your massage will include deep tissue toning, stimulating the lymphatic system and profoundly soothing your nervous system to ensure your leave feeling recharged and energised.

Wild Azur Massage

60 minutes £50

Frankinsence and Rose are the traditional oils of the divine feminine and this massage works with Wild Azur’s incredible Boswali Frankincense blend - the ultimate queen of essential oils. Your massage will be working specific pressure points to support the soothing parasympathetic nervous system and the vagus nerve to bring you back to your most radiant, feminine, magnificent self.

Hot Stone Crystal Massage

90 minutes £60

Hot Stone Massage is an ancient massage technique that uses the heat from beautiful, smooth basalt volcanic rock to deeply relax muscles and restore complete harmony within your body. Crystals to support the chakra system with the basalt to ensure you are finely tuned and harmonised on every level. This treatment is divinely slow, luxuriously soothing and decadently grounding.


Full Body Angellic Healing Massage & Reading

120 MINUTES £80

A unique combination of soothing Holistic Massage, Reiki and Angel Therapy Card reading, created with your higher self in mind.  The Angelic Healing Massage works with both your subtle energetic body and physical self to bring you heaven on earth.



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100 Conifer Ave, Poole, Dorset, BH14 8RX.