The Nephrite Jade Egg is the classic stone used for thousands of years across China and Tibet to enhance sacred sexuality practices.  Nephrite Jade  is called the Stone Of Heaven because it radiates divine healing, health, good fortune and protection.  The perfect weight and energetic consistency, Nephrite Jade is the Queen of all Jade Eggs and a stone you will treasure for life.  


  • Learn to channel your unique pelvic subtle energy to build resilience, radiance and inner vibrancy.
  • Explore and awaken the pleasure of being fully present and sexually alive within your body.
  • Recalibrate the vagina to orgasm through penetration and experience incredible G-spot and Cervical orgasms.
  • Support the healing of trauma from sexual abuse or negative body conditioning.
  • Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles...

and so much more!


  1.  100% pure Canadian Nephrite Jade Egg, measuring  43mm x 30mm (medium) in silk bag for safe keeping.  Made without any chemical treatment or dyeing and manually polished to give an outstanding finish.  The eggs are horizontally drilled to enable the use of non-waxed dental floss for beginners to remove the egg easily.
  2. Beautiful PDF document to guide you through the practice:  how to prepare yourself, the Jade Egg and how to do the Jade Egg practice safely.
  3. Basic Jade Egg practice Audio Download (12 minutes).
  4. Guided Jade Egg Magdalene Meditation practice (60 minutes).

Each stone is ordered direct from Canada and may take up to 2 week to arrive in the UK.  


 Photo credit: @tantric.alchemy

Photo credit: @tantric.alchemy

What is a Jade Egg?

A Jade Egg is a beautiful, semi precious crystal  egg used for pelvic health and wellbeing, increasing core strength, sensitivity, creativity and sensuality.   Let me tell you a secret....

In ancient China, there was a highly guarded secret shared only by Royalty, Concubines and Taoist practitioners;  if you want to step into your true power as a radiant being and leader, you need to connect with your sacred sexuality.  The Jade Egg practice is a very practical tool that allows women to become more aware of the divine flow of energy within the physical body.  

Why Nephrite Jade?

Nephrite Jade is incredibly strong and in ancient China it was valued higher than Gold because of its sacred healing powers.  The healing properties of Nephrite Jade include:

  1. support emotional balance, healing, love and stability.  
  2. Cleanses, transmutes & protects against negative energy.  
  3. Nourishes the heart chakra  and encourages heart/pelvic communication. 
  4. Supports kidney function (Nephrite means kidney in Greek).

How does a Jade Egg practice effect you?

A regular Jade Egg practice is deeply healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.  On a physical level it encourages blood flow to the pelvis interior, increasing nerve ending sensitivity and muscular strength.  On an emotional level it reignites your connection to the wisdom of your pelvic bowl, allowing deep healing, feeling, energetic cleansing and harmonising.  On a spiritual level a Jade Egg practice helps you to remember the sacredness of your sensuality and sexuality.

Combined with the Magdalene Meditation, the use of a Jade Egg will enable you to embody your feminine spirit within your magnificent female body.

Who should not use Jade Egg practice?

A Jade Egg practice is not recommended if you are pregnant, if you use IUD device, if you are menstruating or suffer with vaginal prolapse.

Can a Jade Egg get lost inside you?

No.  We recommend that you thread your Jade Egg with unwaxed floss so that it is easy to remove the egg when you are done. 

How much is a Jade Egg?

£66 + postage.