Jade Egg Practice



The Jade Egg Wellbeing Ritual® Toolkit is your way to learn about how to use a Jade Egg and how to make a realistic daily wellbeing practice that helps every day feel as good as it can.

Are you tired of always thinking you ‘should’ do more yoga, start meditating, eat more healthily, be more creative…? I hear you! Sometime after having my second child, my self care regime had evaporated and I had a constant nag in my head that there were a million things I ‘should’ be doing. I felt like a failure and this feeling seeped into every area of my life. It wasn’t pretty.

The way that I clawed myself back from the abyss was through doing tiny little daily triumphs. Maybe 3 minutes to begin with. I began with a breathing practice. Everyday.

This became non negotiable. 3 minutes of breath work, everyday.

With time, it grew. My ability to prioritise my wellbeing grew in confidence as my life started to feel easier, my self esteem got stronger and I began to remember who I really was. This is how Wellbeing Ritual® was born - with a desire to teach the world that you can do great things for your wellbeing by practicing little and often.

what is included?

The Jade Egg Wellbeing Ritual® kit is designed to support your Jade Egg experience and your daily self care practice. Jade Egg Essentials includes:

  • Tips on hygiene, preparation, possible contra-indications, use of a string, simple egg removal.

  • A realistic timeframe for getting to know your egg and working with her.

  • Visual maps of the anatomy of the pelvis and the internal landscape of the pelvic floor.

  • How to create a safe space, fine tune your intention and work with the lineage of women who created the Jade Egg Practice.

  • Advice on sleeping with your egg, walking around with your egg in and wether these activities are advisable for you.

  • 5 basic Jade Egg Practices and warm ups for you to try at home.

The Wellbeing Ritual® Modules can be practiced with or without the Jade Egg. These are the practices that can be applied everyday - you choose the tools that suit you, you create your own daily routine. Make it non negotiable.

Wellbeing Ritual® includes videos, audios and transcripts for:

  • Breath work practices to soothe or invigorate your nervous system to either help you relax of make you feel motivated.

  • Meditation practices you can download and use on the run or at home.

  • Movement sequences from yoga, chi qong, qoya and dance to help you get into your body.

  • Journaling tips to create a daily practice.

There is a life time of material included in this program and you only need to choose 1 of the tools. The key is to practice it daily, to claim it as yours, to welcome it into your daily routine in the knowledge that little and often works like compound interest - let it be your super power.

BONUS: The 13th Rite of the Womb is a practice that originates in the Amazon for healing the womb space within women.  I have included this practice with a link to their website so that you can learn more if this interests you.



A Jade Egg is a beautiful small crystal egg designed to work within the vagina.  The healing properties of the crystal combined with the muscular exercises and re-sensitisation of the pelvis create a dynamic transformational practice that dates back 2000 years to the Royal households of Taoist China and Tibet.

The egg comes in 3 sizes (s, m, l) and the medium egg weighs 60g, made of 100% Nephrite Jade, a crystal long associated with kidney & liver care, ideal for strengthening blood and the Chi within your body.

Beginners sometimes prefer to practice with a Rose Quartz egg, a medium egg weighs 52g and the crystal properties of the store support the heart chakra.



When I began my Jade Egg Practice I was in a very dark place. My relationship was abusive, my kids were young, I had lost all the spark of joy that life can bring. I was negative, self critical, apologetic for being here on this planet. My friends had mainly given up on me, my mother was beside herself with anxiety and my homelife was fragile, explosive, toxic.

Up to this point, I had used sex as a pacifier. The whole point of sex for me was to make him cum, to ensure he was satisfied, to be tight, small and effective. This was how I oiled the wheels of survival, until my body over-ruled and took the matter into herself. You can read more about that journey on my blog: Lessons from my Jade Egg.

Sex was what brought me to my Jade Egg. What I discovered was SO MUCH MORE. Here are the 3 main benefits I have discovered through my Jade Egg Practice:

  • increased pelvic floor strength which means less leakage, even on a trampoline,

  • increased bodily pleasure through the re-sensitisation of nerve endings within the pelvis so you can fall in love with your body and her ability to feel incredible,

  • the healing of residual trauma that may exist within the pelvis - which helps you recover from your ex, move on with your life from the demons of the past, and start living with a clean slate.



No.  We are all so unique and the landscape of our vagina is entirely individual, it also is constantly changing.  

Intimate health is deeply personal and many women suffer in silence rather than face the shame of getting support with pelvic health issues.  Here are some examples of pelvic health issues that should seek the support of a women's health physiotherapist or doctor before pursuing a Jade Egg practice:

  • Prolapsed vagina, extremely weak pelvic floor muscles, vaginismus, pelvic floor spasm.

Here are some examples of pelvic health issues that MAY be supported with a Jade Egg Practice:

  • Weak pelvic floor muscles, nerve ending damage through trauma or childbirth, de-sensitised pelvic floor awareness, loss of libido.

Ultimately, if a Jade Egg Practice appeals and you don't have any of the contradictions discussed above then give it a try.  I hope it revolutionises your life as much as it did mine!



The Jade Egg Wellbeing Ritual® program is accessed through a private members-only website, designed to get you confidently started on a journey of self practice. In summary, through the Jade Egg Wellbeing Ritual® program you will:

  • strengthen and nourish the muscles of your pelvic floor,

  • re-sensitise the nerve endings within the pelvis to allow ever expanding pleasure and orgasm,

  • release trauma, numbness and stress from this powerful energetic centre,

  • remember who you really are - strong, creative, sensual.

    The program is a mixture of video, audio and transcript resources to support you learning how to practice safely with a Jade egg and creating a daily wellbeing practice that suits you.

    Step 1: The Jade Egg - warm up essentials and the practice.  This gives you everything you need to get to know your egg and how to use it.

Step 2: Wellbeing Ritual® - breath work, meditations, movement and journaling that you may or may not practice with a Jade Egg.  

The combination of a classical Jade Egg practice plus the Breathwork, Movement and Meditation sequences from the Wellbeing Ritual® series will provide you will a nourishing platform for healing and reintegrating the strength of your pelvis.



Jade Egg Wellbeing Ritual Toolkit.png

The Jade Egg Wellbeing Ritual® is designed to get you started on a journey of remembering how your muscles work, where the sensitivity lies, areas that have become numbed out and the ability of reintegrate vitality, creativity and courage that lies within this sacred space .

The Jade Egg Wellbeing Ritual Toolkit Includes:

  • 1 x 100% pure Canadian Nepherite Jade Egg

  • Private members only website containing over 10 instruction videos and audios to safely introduce you to the Jade Egg Practice, Jade Egg care details, an exclusive audio download of Basic Jade Egg Practice (12 mins) 5 basic Jade Egg practices to get you started.

  • 4 Wellbeing Ritual® breath work videos.

  • 4 Wellbeing Ritual® meditation videos.

  • 3 essential Wellbeing Ritual® movement videos to get your body moving - with or without the Jade Egg.





Every Egg that I work with has been cleansed beneath the water of the Chalice Well, Glastonbury.  Known as the Heart Chakra of Mother Earth, the Chalice Well is a non denomination healing space for the Divine Feminine.  To maintain the energy of your crystal I recommend bathing it in Full Moon light, smudging it with sage and/or Frankincense to guarantee the pure intention of LOVE.


Each Jade Egg is sent to you in a silk organza bag.  Traditionally Jade Eggs were always stored in silk.  

THE Jade Egg:

Sourced from Canada, this pure 100% Nephrite Jade Egg is the real deal, classic.  The yoni egg is a practice that evolved in ancient China based on ying-yang principle of Taoism, and the yoni egg was and still is Nephrite Jade Egg according to Taoism.

Not all Yoni Eggs are equal, and Nephrite Jade has always been recognised as the purist, most powerful Yoni Egg practice.  

Healing stone: "Nephrite" is from Greek "nephros" which means ‘kidney’ with reference to its efficacy in treating kidney disease. Nephrite jade, the "Stone of Heaven", radiates far-infrared rays, which bring beneficial effects on human body, especially good on skin, blood circulation and skin cell vitalizing. It is proven scientifically that nephrite is a self-healing stone. It is particularly helpful for healing kidney, heart and stomach complaints. 

Purity: Nephrite jade is a gemstone with calcium and magnesium-rich amphibole mineral actinolite. The mineral formula of nephrite is Ca2(Mg, Fe)5Si8O22(OH)2. 

Density: Nephrite jade is a very dense gemstone that is made up of fibrous crystals that interlock in a matted texture. These densely packed structure makes nephrite very tough, strong and dense. The specific gravity of nephrite is 2.8–3.1, much heavier than most stones.  This also means that your Jade Egg is more hygienic than other more porous stones.



Some women feel more comfortable beginning their practice with a Rose Quartz Egg, which is a pretty shade of pink and energetically connected to the heart chakra elements of love, compassion and empathy.  Rose Quartz is a soft, feminine stone and a great place to start.


To purchase a Jade Egg WELLBEING RITUAL® toolkit, click here.



Monthly Moon Meditation:

The New & Full Moon are traditionally feminine times to get quiet, still and observe the internal landscape within.  The reflective/dynamic energy of the new/full moon supports a Jade Egg practice as you are encouraged to dive deep within and connect to the energy of your pelvis pelvis, both physically and emotionally.  This fortnightly 30 minute meditation is recorded LIVE via Zoom and a recording is sent out by email for you to practice in the sanctuary of your home. Discover more here.

  • AUTUMN TERM: Sept 9th & 25th | Oct 9th & 24th | Nov 7th & 23rd | Dec 7th & 22nd

  • 6am GMT

  • £13 per month subscription


To book your place, email sonja@sonjalockyer.com.



My Jade Egg story...


i thought i was broken…

I came to the Jade Egg because I'd lost my sex drive.  My relationship was crumbling and I felt responsible because I simply couldn't convince my body to enjoy sex.  Things were volatile at home and sex had been my go-to peace keeping pacifier.  Without sex I didn't know how to make it all OK.  When I tried to have sex my knees locked and simply barred the way for intercourse, no amount of coaxing would let them part.  Can you imagine the frustration?  As my relationship got increasingly miserable I was ready to try anything.  So I ordered my first Jade Egg.

The Jade Egg Practice showed me that I was not broken.

Over the next few years I realised that far from being my enemy, my unobliging body was trying to protect me.  She did not want him inside me because she didn't feel safe.  Whilst I could reason and convince myself mentally that sex was a good idea, the wisdom of my body told me otherwise.   I credit my Jade Egg Practice with empowering me to break away from a domestic abuse household: to have the courage to leave, the strength to survive and the resilient creativity to seek a path that worked for me and my children.  

I KNOW that my Jade Egg practice continues to support the healing of my personal trauma.   I SUSPECT my Jade Egg Practice has simultaneously healed the lineage of trauma that I carried from my Mother and her Mother.  My greatest HOPE is that my Jade Egg practice has transformed me so deeply that it has realigned the energy of my pelvis to effect the lineage of my daughter and her daughter.  With this practice we are re-writing our story and the story of future generations.  

My good friend Cortney said these words to me one night:

"Don't tell me what happened to you.  Tell me how you healed yourself."

Through the Jade Egg my personal healing has been phenomenal.  And so my work with the Jade Egg has began.  This is how I healed myself. Read my blog here.