Through movement we remember our essence is wise, wild and free.

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The Full Moon Qoya Club is a regular opportunity to gather as women beneath the full moon and dance the full expression of our wise, wild and free feminine selves.  Qoya is movement with meaning.  Drawing on the wisdom of yoga, the wildness of creative expression through dance and the freedom to enjoy the movement of your feminine body, Qoya is deeply healing, fun and nourishing.

At pop up venues across Dorset, we invite you to remember your essence is wise, wild and free through sacred movement.  

To join the Full Moon Qoya Club please send your name & telephone number to sonja@sonjalockyer.com where communication happens via a private and respectful What's App group.


Thursday 22nd March : 7.30-8.45pm : £11

Every other Thursday in Canford Cliffs Village Hall Sonja will be hosting Qoya.  Open to 20 women, each week we shall dance to a different theme.  

This week: Magic in the Mundane.

Address: Canford Cliffs, Village Hall, poole, Dorset, BH14.


GONG BATH & QOYA with Scania and Sonja : £20

Scania and Sonja love to create sacred Womens gatherings for deep healing, remembering and nourishing.  By bringing together the power of the Gong Bath (a vibrational meditative sound experience) and the embodied movement of Qoya (yoga and dance) beneath the seasonal Full Moons, we invite you to dive into your essence as wise, wild and free throughout 2018.

Saturday March 31st: The Spring Equinox Full Moon

Each individual session will cost £20.  Address details will be included on your confirmation email.