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Wellbeing Retreat with Wellbeing Rituals®, Silver Island, Greece

The Wellbeing Retreat on Silver Island in Greece is a 7 day immersion into balancing your Divine Feminine and Masculine energies through movement, breath, stillness and creativity.  

This beautiful Greek private Island will be our home as we practice yoga, Qoya, meditation and breath exercise in the company of great women, Mother Nature and the delicious food and wine of Silver Island.


Every day of the retreat will open with a Qoya session.  Qoya classes are based on the idea that through movement we remember. We remember our essence is wise, wild and free.  Wise draws on the ancient wisdom of yoga,  Wild calls on the creative expression of dance.  Free calls on expanding our capacity to enjoy being in our body through feminine movement.

Qoya is accessible to every age, shape and size.  There is no way you can do it wrong, the only way you know you are doing it right is that it feels good.  This deceptively simple movement practice has a profound way of bringing you face to face with your truth.  


Wellbeing Rituals® are simple, sustainable daily practices of wellbeing tools that soothe the nervous system and recalibrate the body to maintain emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.  By exploring the tools of movement, breath exercises, simple meditation practices and creative themes, we will discover the tools that suit you.

This Retreat is dedicated to uncovering the most potent daily ritual for you.  Your bespoke Wellbeing Ritual® will be a transformational daily practice within a realistic time frame for your actual lifestyle, allowing you to anchor each day in living an embodied, conscious and bountiful life.


Silver Island is a privately owned Island dedicated to impeccable retreats.  This is truly a place you can unwind and merge with nature and self, where modern distractions become a distant memory. This paradise island will be your safe place to shed the layers of illusion and become more completely true to yourself, exploring the tools of movement, breath, stillness and creativity to remember your essence is wise, wild and free.