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Mindful Breath & The Magdalene Meditation

Mindful Breath & The Magdalene Meditation / Tuesdays in Poole / 8.30-9.30pm

The simplest methods are always the most profound, and mindful breath is proof of this,  Learning to understand your breath, what it tells you and how it effects you is a total life changer.  Everything you need for wellbeing is there, within one mindful breath.  

The Magdalene Meditation is an ancient tantric meditation system that can be traced back thousands of years to Tibet and to the Egyptian Goddess Isis.  By combining deep conscious breath with the power of your awareness and imagination, The Magdalene Meditation nourishes the nervous system, balances the Subtle Body and provides you with a vehicle to bridge the mundane with the Divine.

This guided meditation session is gentle but profound.  You may feel elated, you may feel emotional, you may feel that you are coming home.It is particularly powerful for exhausted, depleted women.  

Book online or text me 07736 784446 - £30 for 4 weeks or pay what you can.